Scalable Social Marketing Bots for Teams of Every Size
AfloatChat is an advanced bot-powered social marketing platform that brings enterprise-grade social marketing tools for businesses of all sizes. Engage your audience, personalize their experience, manage content, and convert leads into brand ambassadors by creating delightful social media experiences.

Unlock the Power of the Next-Generation Social Marketing Platform

Leverage conversational bot technology to automate social engagement and turn maximum audiences into leads and paying customers. Don’t let your team size or talent pool limit your brand potential. Create world-class social engagement and build superior customer relationships that propel your conversion and retention rates.

Get 360-Degree View Of Your Social Situation

A robust dashboard offers high-level overviews of every dimension of your social media strategy. Get day-wise reports, weekly reports, and all-time reports that give you unprecedented insight into your social efforts, their effectiveness, audience engagement, and more. Identify what needs your immediate attention and focus your efforts on it to achieve better results on social media.

Manage Multiple Pages: Be a Power User

Consolidate all your Facebook pages and manage them from a unified interface. Create social campaigns and strategies for individual pages or groups of them. Manage them effortlessly. Engage audiences of multiple pages in a coordinated manner to achieve superior results.

AfloatChat is every social media manager’s ultimate arsenal for achieving social media success.

Add Unlimited Pages & Accounts

Multi-language Support

Instagram Integration

Messenger Codes

Usage Logs

Role-based Access Management

Messenger Checkbox

Filters Words-Based Auto Replies

Don’t Miss Even a Single Lead

Experience advanced lead generation and management capabilities that allow you to engage, delight, and convert every social media lead generated by your social pages. Import leads and classify them into relevant groups to create personalized engagement strategies. Build lasting relationships with communication that’s tailored to your audience’s position in the customer purchase journey.

Turn Engagement Into Opportunity

An ignored audience member is a permanently lost customer. Turn every comment, every like, every message, and every engagement into an opportunity to sell. Automate responses on your social media posts and pages to enhance the audience’s experience with your brand. Impress them with quick, contextual messages that excite them and inspire them to engage more with your brand.

Auto Private Replies

Customer Support

API Configuration

M.Me Links


Cloud-Based Platform

Auto Likes By Other Pages


Run Multi-Page & Multi-Group Campaigns

AfloatChat is a revolutionary way to create, manage, and optimize social media campaigns. The days of managing individual campaigns is over. Create campaigns and run them across multiple social pages. Create campaigns that target each lead group based on their purchase journey. Convert, upsell, support, and create highly personalized communication that resonates with them.

Take Your Marketing to Audience’s Inbox

Deploy intelligent bots that respond automatically and engage your inbox leads with context-based messages. Eliminate response delays by providing instant responses that accurately address the needs of your inbox audience. Convert your audience just when they are fully interested in your products or services by offering them the right nudge with messenger chatbots.

Period Auto-Comments

Activity Calendar

Lead Generation Tools

Feed-Based Auto Posting

Multi-user Support

Combo Poster

Contact Details Collection

Checkbox Plugin

Schedule Posts and Manage Content

Create text, image, link, and video posts and schedule them for weeks or even months. Enrich your audience experience with a highly effective carousel or slider posts and schedule them. Manage your social media content from one centralized dashboard, analyze audience responses to them, and fine-tune your social strategies to make them more effective.

Run Drip Campaigns

Upgrade your social marketing game with drip campaigns that send different messages to audience members on every day of the campaign based on their campaign journey. Automate campaign engagement so that you do not have to message them individually. Build better brand-customer connect with smart messages that resonate with your audience.
Who is this Toolset for?

Harness The World’s Most Powerful Social Media Tools

Create Pleasant Conversational Experiences That Fire Up Your Growth
  • Business Owners of Every Size
    • AfloatChat is a superior and cost-effective social marketing platform for businesses of all sizes. It allows small teams or even garage startups to achieve rapid social media success by creating exceptional social media engagement for their audiences.
  • Marketing Professionals and Agencies
    • Whether you are a marketing consultant, employee, or an agency, the powerful features offered by AfloatChat allow you to create, run, and manage formidable social media strategies and campaigns that drastically improve marketing ROI for your clients and employers.
  • Large Enterprises
    • Streamline your social marketing efforts across all your subsidiaries, brands, sub-brands, geographies, and more. Consolidate all your social media accounts in one place, compare their performance, analyze them, experiment with ideas, and replicate the success across other pages.