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Persistent Menu

The Persistent Menu is always available to the user. This menu should contain top-level actions that users can enact at any point. Having a persistent menu easily communicates the basic capabilities of your bot for first-time and returning users. The menu will automatically appear in a thread if the person has been away for a certain period of time and returns.
You can create multi-level (nested) persistent menu and also can have different menu for different locale.



Click On the Persistent Menu button to get started and click on create persistent menu button to create persistent menu.

You’ll get a form like as below image.

    • Locale: This field is to set your menu language on which language you want to publish the persistent menu.
    • Composer Input Disabled: If it is set as disabled then no one can write a message in the typing area and can’t send a message.
    • Level-1 Menu: You can add maximum three menu of level-1 by click on button. There are three types of menu:
      • Web URL: This is refers to Web based menu and you’ve to put the URL for the menu.
      • Post-back: This is post-back based menu. If you select as post-back, your all post-back templated ID will be shown there but you must have postback ID. You’ll can add post-back with persistent menu but you must have a Post-back ID which you can create from Post-back ManagerMenu.
      • Nested: If you want to create nested persistent menu for level-1 menu, then select nested option and level-2 menu form will appear for the level-1 menu and if you want nested menu for level-2 menu then select nested option from level-2 menu. [Remember you can add maximum three level-1 menu and maximum five nested level-2 menu for a level-1 menu and can add maximum five level-3 menu for level-2 menu.]


  • After Completed Creating Persistent Menu, you’ve to publish this menu to see this. Click on the Publish Persistent Menu to publish the menu.[If you edit any existing persistent menu, you’ve also publish the menu again to publish updated menu.]

You Must have to set a persistent menu for “Default” Locale and publish it. It’s mandatory by Facebook.

Persistent Menu For Member User: If You have enabled “Persistent Menu Copyright” module for the user. That means the user can create 2 level 1 menu and the 3rd one will be added automatically by system taking the settings from Messenger Bot > General Settings. If the user have assigned Persistent Menu Copyright module and the settings are blank then system takes product name and app url by default.