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Human Chat Settings

Sometimes subscribers don’t want to chat with a robot. They want to chat with a human with their query. This setting is for giving them the option with whom he/she wants to talk (see Fig-0).
First of all, you have to set bot settings for human/robot button. In the bot settings form (see the below image), select text with button from template type and at the bottom provide button name and select Button type as Chat with Human/Chat with Robot (see the below image)


Click on Human Chat Settings button (see Fig-1). A modal will appear (see Fig-2). In the modal, you will see a notification email field where you’ve to set the receiver email. When a user clicks on human button (see Fig-0), an email will be sent to the given email address to notify the admin that he/she wants to talk with a human.

When a user clicks on human/robot button (see Fig-0), it will automatically reply with default chat with human/chat with robot templates (see below images) which is by default exists in the system. If you want to resume chat with human/chat with robot, simply just click on the Resume chat with Bot/Chat with human button (see images).
If you want to update the default templates, you can simply click on the button to update the default template (see the Fig-3).