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We are Here to Revolutionize Your Online Marketing and Accelerate Your Growth

We created AfloatChat in 2019 amidst an all-consuming automation revolution that is spreading across the world and is engulfing every industry in its wake. This robust marketing automation tool lets businesses build stronger, better, and lasting relationships with their social media audience to drastically improve their conversions and revenues. AfloatChat is purpose-built to drive rapid business growth by capitalizing the immense potential offered by social media.

Quick Query Resolution


With the world going increasingly digital, the old ways of marketing are becoming obsolete. The dwindling attention spans of the internet users necessitate instant replies, quick query resolution, and instant gratification, lest the businesses risk losing their precious customers. A delay of every minute exponentially reduces their chances of converting a social media user. Furthermore, social media users demand superior engagement and more personalized marketing. One-size-fits-all mass advertising is all but dead!

We recognized the urgent need for a state-of-the-art marketing platform that allows small, medium, and large businesses engage with their social media audience intelligently and in a personalized way without blowing up their marketing budgets. AfloatChat is our answer to that need.

Reshaping Online Marketing Industry

We Bring Enterprise-Grade Social Media Marketing for Businesses of all sizes

AfloatChat allows businesses of all sizes to automate, streamline, and enhance engagement with their social media audience. As the world’s most comprehensive and powerful marketing automation platform, AfloatChat makes every like, every comment, and every message count by turning it into a conversion opportunity.

We have built this robust platform to grant our customers unprecedented flexibility in customizing their social engagement approach, including social media marketing, content posting, replying, and more.